Cooling Systems and Servicing

We offer a wide range of air conditoning services and we only use top-quality brand systems.

Dont know where to start? We can help you decide the best solution to fit your needs and budget. Please call to organise a free quote.
We also offer services to make sure your current system is working at its best such as duct cleaning and duct refurbishment.
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Evaporative Cooling

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Evaporative cooling is the most environmentally friendly and cost efficient way of cooling your home. The cooler is installed on the roof of the house and utilises water to cool outside air and flow it through duct work into your home.  Windows must be opened with the use of evaporative cooling, as the cool air pushes the warm air out.
Benefits of Evaporative Cooling:
  • Low operating and installation costs;
  • Low allergen as air is not recirculated.


Add on Air Conditioning

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Works by utilising the duct work and outlets of the existing ducted heating unit. The fan of the heater pushes air over a coil and distributes cool air throughout the house.
Benefits of Add On Air Conditioning:
  • Utilises existing duct system and heater;
  • Cooler can be programmed and/or zoned using thermostat.



Wall Hung Split Systems

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Wall hung split systems operate with the internal unit recirculating cool air throughout the area in which it is installed. An outdoor condenser can be mounted on the ground, on the roof or on a wall bracket.
Benefits of Wall Hung Split Systems Include:
  • Compact units placed in selected area requiring heating and/or cooling;
  • Units are reverse cycle & can therefore be used for heating also;
  • Can be programmed via thermostat;
  • Fan speed can be adjusted;
Inverter split systems work to adjust the rate at which they heat/cool the home as the temperature reaches the desired setting, therefore saving electricity.

Ducted Split Systems

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Ducted split systems work in the same way as wall hung split systems but is installed in the roof space, using duct work to each outlet for the transfer of cool air.
Benefits of Ducted Split Systems Include:
  • Indoor unit is concealed in roof space, so only outlets are visible;
  • Unit can be programmed and/or zoned using thermostat;
  • Units are reverse cycle & can therefore be used for heating also.